The First 8 Weeks of My Father’s World First Grade

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We are currently on Christmas break and I decided to do an update on where we are with My Father’s World First grade. We started at the end of August, then I found out I was pregnant and BAM! Morning sickness kicked my butt. We started out doing so well with our schedule, but got totally off with my lack of wanting to do anything. We slowly trudged along and have only finished the first 8 weeks of school. That’s real life, folks. This is our second year with My Father’s World.

My Father’s World First Grade

The first 8 weeks of My Father's World 1st Grade

For the fall semester the kids attended co-op once a week. There they did both science and art, so I honestly did not do a lot of either with them at home. We have been focused on reading, writing, and math. 

first day

My thoughts on the reading program:


Every day Bug gets out his workbook and we work on his reading. We started out slow, but now that we are eight weeks in we are really picking up steam. I’m moderately happy with his progress, but I do wish he was reading more than he is. He is currently learning several blends, and he is learning long vowels. He does have some sight words memorized. 

Each afternoon he does a reading review of the words we have learned. This lasts about 15 minutes and he does it with Daddy. MFW 1st has lots of ideas for reading games, and honestly I need to incorporate more in our homeschool to help him practice.

My thoughts on Math:

Unifix cubes

Math is going a bit slow. We are learning addition right now, and he is still having trouble grasping it. We keep up with the calendar and the 100s chart, but I fell off the wagon with the bean cup and the coin cup. Week 8 is the week we play restaurant, and that’s a lot of fun for the kids.

My thoughts on Bible:

One of the reasons I chose MFW is because of the Bible lessons. I LOVE them! We do a devotion each day from our 5 Minute Devotion book and the kids really enjoy it. Each week we learn a new proverb, and I am amazed at how easily the kids memorize them. I think we are learning lots of great lessons. 

Our timeline is up, but so far the only thing we have on it is a picture of our family. I think we will get more into history as we get a little further in the program. We haven’t even started the Bible notebook or the Bible reader yet.


draw write now

We aren’t doing co-op during the spring because our new baby will arrive, so I’ve added Draw Write Now back into our curriculum. Bug is now at the perfect age for it and really enjoys it for art. We are also beginning to do the science activities in the curriculum. We are not doing music right now. 

I’m trying to decide if I should do weekly or maybe monthly updates as we go through this curriculum. It’s not quite as exciting as My Father’s World Kindergarten was. Would you like to see more updates?


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  1. Hello! I am just starting the homeschool journey with my 6 & almost 5 year old. I purchased the MFW first grade deluxe set used from another woman and as we have gotten into it, I realized I’m missing 1 set of the student sheets (the scroll sheets). By chance would you have this curriculum still and would you be willing to send me copies of the scroll sheets in my email? I already purchased new math books and new student workbooks and a couple of other items new, but I’d hate to buy the whole student sheet set when I’m only missing the scroll sheets. Thanks for your time and for your wonderful blog!

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