How To Organize Food Storage Containers


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Since starting the Clean and Declutter Challenge I have found that I have been on a mission to declutter, clean, and organize my home! The first room I tackled was my kitchen. One of the most difficult areas in home organization is food storage containers. These tips helped me get everything in place, so maybe they will help you learn how to organize food storage containers, too!

organizing food storage containers

How To Organize Food Storage Containers

Declutter Containers

First, you need to declutter those containers! Throw away any nasty containers and get rid of lids that do not match any of your bowls.

Nest the Remaining Containers

I nest all of my remaining containers as best I can to create as much space as possible in my cabinet. Bigger items go on the bottom, while smaller items nest inside the bigger ones.

Stack Lids

Stack the lids that are similar in size. I also take a nesting approach with some of the lids and place them under the bowls they belong to. You want to keep items that belong together in close proximity. 

Another great option for storing the lids is to use bins. Look into repurposing items instead of buying new bins. Do you have an old cardboard box you can use for storage? You can cover it with fabric or Contact paper, or not! It’s totally up to you!

Decide on the Best Place to Keep The Food Storage Containers

Which cabinet will be best for your food storage containers? We keep ours in the cabinet beside the sink so they are easy to access when we are putting away leftovers. Find the most practical spot for your food storage containers.

Upgrade To Glass Containers as You Can

I prefer glass storage containers to plastic. It’s easier to clean and it lasts longer. If you need to microwave something, glass is also safer. We do not have many glass storage containers right now, but I will be slowly upgrading! 

I love Pyrex! 

Install Cabinet Organizers

Cabinet organizers can be a lifesaver when it comes to organizing smaller items in a larger cabinet. This is another item that I say purchase when you can. They aren’t necessary, but they will make the space look much neater.

Here are a few of my favorites!

There are so many things you can organize with this cabinet organizer. And for $14.17 for the entire set, it’s a deal!

These organizing shelves are also awesome for creating more space in your cabinets, and they are fairly inexpensive, too!

Have fun and celebrate!

It feels amazing to declutter and organize your home! Come join us in the Simple Living Moms Facebook group and share your victories!

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