Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

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We are finally settling into our new home and I feel like I’m starting to feel “at home” here. Whenever we move into a new home, the very first place I work on organizing is the kitchen. It’s definitely the hardest working room in my house and when it comes to organizing the home, it is imperative that the space is set up well. In today’s post, I’m going to show you some simple kitchen organization ideas to make your kitchen more functional so you’ll actually want to cook!

Kitchen Organization ideas

Basic Kitchen Organization

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when organizing your kitchen is that you need to group your kitchen tools logically. This method works well for larger kitchens, as well as when you’re arranging a small kitchen. For example, place your big spoons, knives, and cutting boards near the stove so they are within reach while you are cooking. It also makes sense to keep your pots and pans close to the stove, too.

I have my spice cabinet located right to the upper left of my stove. I can easily reach my spices while I’m cooking, and I can also quickly put them away without having to step away from whatever I am cooking on the stove.

Baking cabinet

I also have a baking station all in one area of my kitchen. My big, Kitchenaid mixer sits on the counter. In a cabinet above the mixer I keep mixing bowls and my large measuring cup. In the drawer below the mixer, I keep smaller measuring cups and spoons. All of my cookie cutters are in a storage container with a lid in the cabinet below the mixer, and my other Kitchenaid attachments are in the same cabinet.

I keep our everyday dishes made by Corelle in a cabinet next to the stove for easy serving, too.

Utensils are kept in drawers with slots to keep like utensils separated and easier to find. Sheet pans also neatly fit in a lower cabinet with dividers so they are easier to access.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Aside from the dividers I previously mentioned, I use non-skid spice racks to organize my spices. I put the tallest spices on the back shelves and the shorter spices towards the front so they are all easy to see and identify. I also use a lazy susan to organize my cooking oils and vinegars.

When organizing your cabinets, think logically. Keep things you use most often in places you can easily reach and try to store items closest to where they will be used. For example, dish washing supplies should be stored under the sink. I also use a sink caddy to organize my sponge, dish brush, and dish rag when not in use. My toaster is stored in close proximity to my bread box.

Kitchen Counter Organization

Basic kitchen organization tips and ideas

I aim to have less things on my counters, but I can’t get away with having some things there. I have a small coffee bar set up with my Keurig. I purchased a K-cup organizer for my Keurig to sit on. I also keep a small pedestal with my coffee syrups and a mug holder for my most used mugs. (I have a lot of coffee cups and to-go coffee cups stored in the cabinet above the coffee maker.)

Coffee mug organization

I keep a fruit bowl on the counter so my kids can easily access the fruit I buy for their snacks every week. I got tired of our different loaves of bread and buns being all over the counter, so I purchased a bread box to tidy the counter and keep the bread in one place.

The only other things I keep on my counters are my mixer, a tray with my butter dish, olive oil, and salt and pepper shakers, a large utensil holder for cooking utensils, and my knives. We also have a small section of counter set up for charging items, and I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to organize that.

What is the best way to organize your kitchen?

So, what is the best way to organize your kitchen? Logically! Keep in mind that you should store items closest where they will be used, and also to store items you use the most regularly in places that you can reach easily. Lesser used items can go on the higher shelves. I keep appliances like my slow cooker, Instant Pot, and electric griddle on shelves in my utility room that is right adjacent to my kitchen. If I had a large pantry, I would keep them in there, so they aren’t taking up valuable counter top space.

Kitchen Organization Products

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen organization products.

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