M is for Moon – My Father’s World K


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M is for Moon! We completed the Moon unit for My Father’s World Kindergarten right before my husband got home from deployment. We had a lot of fun with this unit! Let’s take a look at what we did to learn about all the phases of the moon in My Father’s World!

M is for Moon. My Father's World Kindergarten.

M is for Moon – My Father’s World Kindergarten

As you can see above we made flashcards to explain how the moon changes shape and we even read a book about it to reinforce the idea.


I really like that the My Father’s World curriculum includes everything. Bug did his handwriting practice with their worksheet. We also learned about the number 2 during this unit. For our tactile activity, I wrote the letter M with glue on a sheet of blank paper, and Bug used a piece of yarn to form the letter correctly and glue it down.


Here is Bug doing his counting worksheet from MFW.


We made a small mobile explaining how God made the sun and the moon and stars. Here is Sis’s serious look!


Bug was working hard on his mobile!


  Of course we had to make our badge with our words to remember!


I gave the kids a big cardboard box and they went to town making a spaceship. This was by far their favorite activity!


I just had to snap a pic of Little Man playing with the wedgits!

We didn’t get around to doing a lot of extra activities beyond the curriculum. I really wanted to do a crater activity outside with a pan of flour and a golf ball, but it was very rainy that week and we just ran out of time!

I love the book list included in my teacher’s manual. All of our selected readings came from the suggestions in the manual and most were checked out of the library. You have to know Goodnight Moon was on the list and it was actually used for our book time activity!

Pinterest is my favorite place to find extra activities for our units. I have an entire MFW K Pinterest board. Follow me on Pinterest to see if there are some ideas you could use, too!

I enjoy giving you a peek into what we are doing with our My Father’s World kindergarten curriculum. Please check out what we have done in other units!


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