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Many people have asked me how I occupy my littlest ones while I teach my kindergartner. I thought I would share our preschool boxes with you. I use these while I’m doing reading and math activities with my oldest. These preschool activity boxes are wonderful homeschool toddler activities that little ones can do independently when you need some quiet one on one time with an older child.

Learn how to keep toddlers busy during homeschool time with preschool and toddler boxes.

I purchased the toddler package from My Father’s World last year. I am using many of the items from that package, plus several other items I already own to put the boxes together.

The bins I am using came from Walmart. I have tried to use a variety of items in each box. A couple of the boxes are geared toward my toddler, and the others are geared more toward my four-year-old.

Homeschool Toddler Boxes

Homeschool toddler activities to occupy toddlers and other little ones during homeschool time.

I have two boxes geared specifically for my one-year-old. They are fairly simple. He loves the shape and color sorter and the Number Express stacker peg puzzle. I also include large puzzles like the Melissa and Doug butterfly puzzle and favorite board books in his boxes.

Favorite Products for a Toddler Activity Box

Homeschool Preschool BoxesHomeschool preschool boxes to occupy older little ones during homeschool time.

My four-year-old’s boxes include counting bears/cups with number mats, other preschool math games that I printed off and laminated. Dry erase capital letters work book/marker, ice cube tray with pom poms and clothespin for transfer, other puzzles/books, magnetic ABC/magnetic dry erase board, and I plan to add an old grated cheese container and pipe cleaners.

My goal is to put the boxes together without spending a lot of money buying supplies, so I am using items we already own, plus any fun little games I can get as free printables and laminate.

Favorite Products for Preschool Activity Boxes

More Ideas to Keep Toddlers Busy During Homeschool

My main goal is to keep the little ones quietly entertained in our schoolroom while I work with my oldest. 

Our play kitchen is located in our schoolroom. My kids love to “cook” while I’m schooling.

We also use wedgits and floor puzzles to entertain the kiddos!

What are some your tips for keeping preschoolers and toddlers entertained during homeschool time? 

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