What Should My Child Wear To Ballet Class?

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I am a proud dance mom. I shared in my extracurricular activities for homeschoolers post that my daughters have been involved in dance for a few years now. My oldest daughter began taking dance classes at five years old, and my middle daughter began her dance classes at the age of three. I know one of my first questions when my daughter began ballet was, what should my child wear to ballet class? While it varies by dance school, today I’m going to share with you some beautiful options!

The Best Ballet Clothes for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Get with your child’s dance teacher and ask what the dress code is before you purchase your child’s ballet clothes. Since we have moved a few times, my girls have gone to three different dance schools. Most schools have requested the toddlers and preschoolers wear pink or black leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Also, they request the hair be pulled up and out of the face during practice.

I just love this Hanami Tutu Leotard in candy pink from Bloch Dancewear. It is beyond adorable on my little girl! I also aim for a quality pair of tights and try to make sure my daughter only wears them for dance class to minimize any runs.

A water bottle, scrunchy to help with holding up ballet buns, and a bag to hold my daughter’s regular shoes while she’s in class are a must, too!

Let’s talk about the ballet shoes. I always aim for ballet pink canvas canvas ballet shoes. While the laces can be hard to keep tied, they do help to tighten ballet shoes that may be a little too loose.

All of our dance schools have also allowed the girls to wear black leotards if they choose.

I prefer skirted leotards for my toddler or preschoolers. When my oldest daughter took ballet at 10 years old, her teacher did not want the girls to wear a skirt with their leotard, but as long as it’s ok with the ballet teacher, I definitely prefer the look of the skirts!

I just love this Juliet skirted camisole leotard from Bloch. It’s so cute! My daughter loves twirling around in it like a princess, too!

I also like to pair ballet skirts with leotards, such as the Barre Stretch Waist ballet skirt you see pictured above. You could mix and match with a plain black leotard, too!

As an overview here’s what your child will need for her first ballet class:

  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Leotard (check with studio on colors)
  • Pink tights
  • Water bottle
  • Hair ties and scrunchies to create a ballet bun
  • A bag to hold a change of clothes and shoes

Of course, keep in mind that at such a young age, your child is going to dance class for fun! Intense ballet training typically doesn’t begin until at the very earliest around eight to nine years old. Keep it light and fun!

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