First Day of Homeschool Ideas!

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Back to homeschool season is in full swing and you may be wondering how to make your first day of homeschool memorable and fun with your kids! Today I’m going to share some super fun back to homeschool traditions so you can make that first day something for everyone in your home to look forward to with these first day of homeschool ideas!

Easy ways to make the first day of homeschool fun!

First Day of Homeschool Ideas

Special Breakfast

I’ll begin by telling you what we do for our first day. I like to set up our dining room table, which also doubles as our homeschool table, with a cute little sign and my husband will go and pick us up a dozen fancy donuts. The kids all come out after chore time and we sit together and pick out which donuts we want to eat.

First Day of School Pictures

First day of preschool pictures

Traditionally, I make a sign and take a picture of all of the kids. They fill in an “About Me” sheet from My Homeschool Preschool Planner to go in the front of their notebooks. This year our first day was just a little bit chaotic, but I did end up taking pictures of the kids. I used a letter board to create their first day sign. Finally, we start our day by sorting out our new supplies and digging into our brand new books!

Not Back to School Party

On the first day of public school, we like to get together with other homeschoolers for a fun roller skating party just to celebrate the fact that we still have our freedom. Haha! In the past we’ve met up with other homeschoolers at the park for donuts, too!

Back to School Cupcakes

My kids LOVE cupcakes. These back to school chalkboard cupcakes are PERFECT for an after school treat!

More Ideas for the First Day of Homeschool

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Tips for Back to School

Need some tips for back to school week? I have 5 tips for preparing for a new school year!

More School Help

DIY After School Snack Station + List

Even More Great Back to Homeschool Tips!

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