Homeschooling Through the Summer – MFW K in 2 Years

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homeschooling through the summer

It’s almost summer, that means the end of the homeschool year, right? Not for everyone. We will be homeschooling through the summer here. That way we can take breaks here and there when we need to. We are going to do things a little more relaxed this summer, though.

As you may know, we have been working our way through My Father’s World Kindergarten. We started this curriculum in August, just before Bug turned 5. Since then, we have been going very slow through the curriculum and we have had a ton of things come up that have slowed our progress. Daddy returned from deployment, we moved, we have had medical issues, and countless other things came up. We are only a little over halfway through the program.

Taking a Break from the Usual

I have decided to stop going forward with My Father’s World kindergarten right now. Instead, we are going to go back through the units we have already done and review. I found a ton of awesome printables to go along with My Father’s World kindergarten from Our Little Monkeys. So, I’m going to take 2-3 days for each unit and do one activity per unit that we may have missed. We will also review the letter and number for that week, as well as read at least one of the books we may have missed from that unit. I will have Bug do a copywork page from these printables for each unit also.

We are currently working our way through Logic of English Foundations A right now, and I really want to continue going through this until we are finished. It’s an awesome program and I will have the official review up next week. 

So, that is what we will be doing this summer. Sis will be tagging along with everything that we do.

I have plans to revamp our schoolroom. I am going to be redoing our circle time board and rearranging things in this room to make them a little more homeschool friendly.

We will start back up with My Father’s World Kindergarten at the end of August with the P unit. Once we finish MFW K, we will be doing a modified Ambleside Online Year 0. I may continue with Logic of English and I will add in some other curriculum. I am very much on the fence about whether I want to continue on with My Father’s World for first grade. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the curriculum, but now that I am figuring out this homeschool thing, I am contemplating putting my own curriculum together using Ambleside Online and Queen’s Homeschool Supplies. We will see how we do with our last semester of kindergarten next year!

Oh, I don’t mind doing things this way. Bug will still only be 6 when we finish his second year of kindergarten, so I don’t feel he will be behind at all!

Do you homeschool through the summer?

Wrapping Up the Homeschool Year

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