My Father’s World ECC Brazil Ideas and Activities

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Hey y’all! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged about what we’ve been doing in the My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum. I enjoying this curriculum so, so much! I will say I didn’t do as many activities for the North American countries, but I wanted to share what we’ve done, as well as give you some MFW ECC Brazil ideas and activities!

If you're using My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum, you're going to want to see what we did while studying Brazil. It was SO MUCH fun!

My Father’s World ECC Brazil

Brazil was the fourth country we visited. We began in North America and learned about the U.S., Canada, and Mexico before we set off for Brazil. I did spend those first several weeks getting a feel for the curriculum and trying to figure out how to teach fourth grade, second grade, kindergarten, and preschool.

By the time we got to Brazil I felt a bit more confident to add more fun activities!

I love how I can use the Bible lessons from ECC in our homeschool morning basket. It just flows so well. We always start with Bible, move into our Homeschool Garden lessons, and then dive straight into geography and science. 

Obviously, we studied South America during geography. Our science lessons focused on the rainforest and animals of the rainforest.

Take a look at this egg experiment. These four eggs held ALL of these books. It was truly interesting to learn just how strong eggs are!

We love using the MAPS book to get a closer look at each country we are studying. This book is so well illustrated!

We also used the Global Art book to make Carnival dancers out of pipe cleaners.

I had no idea my kids would love the geography game as much as they do! Even my six year old. It’s such a great games for learning where countries are located.

One of my favorite aspects of learning about different cultures is trying the food! We had a wonderful Brazilian celebration and made Brazilian cheese bread, feijoada, and brigadeiros! I was surprised just how delicious the brigadeiros are

Above you will see my daughter mixing up the dough for the cheese bread. It was very chewy, but I liked it. They would have turned out better if I had baked them in muffin tins.

Here’s a look at the kids with their finished brigadeiros rolled in rainbow sprinkles!

A couple of other fun things we did that I do not have pictures for included:

A rainforest diorama

Are We There Yet? on YouTube

And that’s about it for our trip through Brazil! Now that we are moving into Norway, I’m checking out several more books from the library and have even more plans. My Father’s World ECC is so much fun! 

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