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It’s been a few weeks, but we concluded our study of Europe in My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures with France and Germany. We had a fun time exploring the culture of these two countries, hearing the language, and trying some recipes from each place. Today I want to share with you MFW ECC France and Germany ideas and activities if you’re also studying these countries!

If you're doing a unit study on France or Germany, you'll want to see what fun activities we added to My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures!

France and Germany Unit Study Activities

So let’s just jump into it! The few weeks we spent on these countries was pretty busy, so I didn’t really add a lot of additional activities or books. I know, I know. 

Child holding LEGO Eiffel tower.

I did challenge my kids to use their LEGOs to build an Eiffel Towel model. I think my 10 year old did a pretty good job! As far as France goes, I did check out several books from the library. We especially liked “A Ticket to France,” and of course, we have “Madeline” on our shelf. I was kind of disappointed we didn’t try any French recipes, but I have made crepes for the kids before and I really want to get my hands on some macarons.

German potato pancakes and sausage.

Germany was a little more exciting because we did try German potato pancakes. They were pretty darn good. I did serve them with American bacon and sausage, but you know, we got close enough! 

Chalk pastel castles painted using Chalkpastel.com

My favorite activity from our German study was the chalk pastel castles my kids did. We use chalkpastel.com for the instructions and they turned out so beautifully!

Kids at Exploreum museuem.

So, I mentioned we were pretty busy during these two units. We spent a weekend in Mobile and visited the Exploreum Science museum. The kids had a blast trying out different hands-on science projects.

Kids making mudpies.

Also, the weather here has been very mild and wet. That is just perfect for mud pie making for my kids! We have spent a lot of time outside digging around in the dirt and observing the insects that are starting to come back to life around here. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that we are doing The Good and the Beautiful’s Arthropods unit right now. I typically assign these lessons on Fridays when we don’t have much going on in My Father’s World.

I will admit we haven’t done many of the science experiments in MFW ECC. I enjoy reading from the Usborne Living World encyclopedia and I sometimes have the kids write and illustrate a narration, but that is really about all we are doing with it. 

We did end up finishing the missionary story of George Muller. We listened to it on audiobook during our travels. It was such an amazing story about faith. I definitely recommend you read or listen to this one!

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