How to Divide Your Home into Cleaning Zones

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One of the best ways I have found to keep my house clean is with my weekly zone cleaning system. If you’re slightly confused about how zone cleaning works, I’m going to use this post to help you learn how to divide your home into cleaning zones. Each home is different and what works for me in my current home may not work for you, or may not even work for me in a future home.

The Cleaning Zones Method

First, let’s define what is a cleaning zone? A cleaning zone is one particular area of your home that you choose to focus on cleaning. It can be one room, it can be two adjacent rooms, or it can be a particular space in a room. Defining your zones is up to you and how much you feel you can clean in a specific time period.

Cleaning your house in zones is helpful because it allows you to deep clean different parts of your house on a regular basis. This prevents you from having to do a big, huge clean during one season. Most people choose to do all their deep cleaning in the spring. While you will still have certain seasonal jobs to tackle during the spring, you can save yourself some trouble with the zone house cleaning system.

House Cleaning Zones

Now, let’s talk about the different house cleaning zones you can have. I have broken my house into eight zones.


Living Room

Entryway/Hall Closet

Hall Bathroom

Kids’ Rooms

Linen Closet


Master Bedroom

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Cleaning Your House in Zones – How To Choose Your Zones

Look around your home and decide how you can break your home down into manageable areas. Rooms work well. If you have smaller areas like a hall closet and an entryway, you can group those zones together, too. You may also want to add other areas like your porches or garage. If not, those can be cleaned seasonally separate from your zone cleaning.

When you work in each zone, you’ll work in one specific area of the zone at a time. For example, when I’m working in my kitchen zone, I’m only deep cleaning one area of the kitchen at a time. I really don’t have full days to devote to kitchen cleaning, so doing one or two tasks per day in that zone works well for me. One day I’ll clean the refrigerator, the next day I’ll tackle the stove and then clean the microwave, the next day I’ll tackle my cabinets, and the last day I’ll clean my baseboards. I like to refer to my cleaning tips when I need help with deep cleaning certain objects.

Some of your zones will be easier to clean. My entryway is a breeze!

How Often To Clean Each Zone in Your Home

I have set my zones to rotate on a weekly basis. Since I have eight zones, I’m hitting each zone about every two weeks or so. I think that is pretty sufficient for deep cleaning. Some areas of my zones don’t get cleaned each time I’m working through the zone. For example, I’m not the best at dusting hard to reach areas, so a lot of times those get put off. I’m ok with that during this season of my life.

And that’s it! Break your home down into zones and keep it cleaner than ever before!

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